"For more efficiency in small to medium scale biomethane production." 

Record Biomap - European project about biomethane at small and medium scalefunded through Horizon 2020


Technology Presentations

EUBCE 2018 European Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

Kathrin Bienert (DBFZ) presented an assessment of different technologies in the sector of small to medium scale biomethane production under the title: "TECHNOLOGIES FOR BIOMETHANE PRODUCTION IN SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE APPLICATIONS -ASSESSMENT WITHIN THE EUROPEAN PROJECT RECORD BIOMAP".


EUBCE 2017 European Bioenergy Conference and Exhibition

Kathrin Bienert (DBFZ) presented examples of promising and innovative technologies to achieve a cost efficient and economically viable biomethane production at small to medium scale. The presented technologies can be found in a scientic paper in the EUBCE 2017 conference proceedings under the title "THE BIOMETHANE MAP - RESEARCH COORDINATION FOR A LOW-COST BIOMETHANE PRODUCTION AT SMALL AND MEDIUM SCALE APPLICATIONS".

The Polish project partner UWM presented the posters "Effect of hydrodynamic disintegration of the lignocellulosic substrate on the effectiveness of the agricultural biogas plant" and "The use of the hydrodynamic cavitation for disintegration of lignocellulosic biomass" during the EUBCE.


Conference Progress in Biogas IV

In March 2017, Dr. Britt Schumacher attended the international conference "Progress in Biogas IV" in Stuttgart (Germany) and held a presentation about the influence of substrate pre-treatment through auto-hydrolisis or pressure swing conditioning on biogas production and nitrogen content. The presentation is available for download here >>>


CEBC - Central European Biomass Conference

Erik Fischer from DBFZ participated at the CEBC from 18th - 20th January 2017 in Graz. A poster about Record Biomap project gave an overview about the project objectives and the Biomethane Map. A project summary is included in the conference proceedings on page 179 >>>


Scandinavian Biogas Conference

Henrik Olsson from JTI attended the Scandinavian Biogas Conference in Trollhättan on 26th of October in Sweden. The presentation "Smaskaliga Uppgradering" (in Swedish) is available for download >>>


Innowacyjne technologie w oczyszczaniu ścieków i przeróbce osadów

On 14th October 2016 Marcin Dębowski from UWM presented "Urządzenie do ultradźwiękowej dezintegracji osadów ściekowych upowszechniane w ramach projektu Record Biomap (Horyzont 2020) / Equipment for ultrasound disintegration of sewage sludge in Warsaw, Poland. Download presentation here >>>

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691911.