"For more efficiency in small to medium scale biomethane production." 

Record Biomap - European project about biomethane at small and medium scalefunded through Horizon 2020


Biomethane Day and Workshop "Small scale biogas upgrading and fueling with a European outlook"

Theme: Small scale biogas upgrading and fueling with a European outlook
(Demonstrations and workshop including a study visit)

Date and Time: 22 March 2018

Place: Sötåsen Agricultural Highschool, Sötåsen, 545 91 Töreboda, Sweden


Initiates file downloadWhat is Record Biomap? / Vad är Record Biomap (by Gustav Rogstrand, RISE)

Initiates file downloadBiogas upgrading: Biological Methanation / Biogasuppgradering, biologisk metanisering (by Dr. Markus Forstmeier, Electrochaea, Germany)

Initiates file downloadSmåskaliga Biogasanläggningar (by Victor Olsson, Bioelectric, Sweden)

Teknik för tankning och försäljning (by Lars Brolin, Nordic Gas Solutions, Sweden)

Initiates file downloadTool (app) to facilitate rural sale of biogas as a vehicle fuel / Verktyg (app) för att underlätta fordonsgasförsäljning (by Jonathan Quah, NeoZeo, Sweden)

Ash-filter for biogas upgrading in a systems perspective / Askfilter för gasrening som system, Åke Norberg, SLU / RISE (Sweden)

Initiates file downloadSolid manure digestion, problems and opportunities / Fastgödselrötning, problem och möjligheter (by Gustav Rogstrand, RISE, Sweden)

Initiates file downloadEconomics of small scale biogas upgrading with ash-filter / Ekonomi småskalig uppgradering med askfilter (by Henrik Ollson, Hushållningssällskapet, Sweden)

Study visit at the biogas plant with ash-filter biogas upgrading / Studiebesök anläggning, Askfilter

Initiates file downloadMapping tool for pre-market biomethane related innovations - the Biomethane Map / Kartverktyg och register för innovationer inom biogasområdet på väg till marknaden (by Paulina Rusanowska, UWM, Poland)

Comparative impact assessment of biomethane related innovations / Utvärdering för att jämföra ekonomi, verkningsgrad m.m. (by Kathrin Bienrt, DBFZ, Germany)

Initiates file downloadFinancial and regulatory frameworks within 15 EU-countries / Regler och finansiella ramverk inom 15 EU-länder (by Gustav Rogstrand, RISE, Sweden)



Workshop on innovative solutions for small and medium biogas plants

The workshop took place on the 29th November 2017 during the Energy Expo Arena in Ostróda, Poland and gathered more than 30 stakeholders - biogas producers, investors seeking information on biogas use, suppliers of technologies and feedstock for biogas plants, as well as scientific units, local government, or potential investors wishing to build a biogas plant.

The innovative technologies presented during the workshop were related to substrate pre-treatment, fermentation processes and biogas upgrading. In addition, issues related to acquiring financial resources for biogas investments were presented.

The workshop event contribiuted to the integration of business entities and research units interested in cooperation and the development of promising technologies in the sector of small and medium biogas plants, as well as searching for new solutions in the field of biogas.

Technical workshop on biomethane production in small and medium scale units

Record Biomap Biomethane Network Technical Workshop on Biomethane Production in Small and Medium Scale Units on 28.03.2017 in Leipzig, Germany


The workshop took place on 28 March 2017 in Leipzig, Germany and gathered more than 30 stakeholders from the biogas / biomethane sector. 

The workshop presented innovative technology solutions for biogas pre-treatment, digestion and systems for upgrading the biogas to so-called biomethane, which has the potential to replace natural gas or can be used as "green" vehicle fuel.

So far biomethane production has only established in large scale applications, as there are still many challenges to be solved in order to make small to medium scale biomethane production economically feasible and widely accessible to European farmers. Therefore, this workshop presented and discussed some promising technology solutions and brought together technology developers with potential end users.

Presentations for download:

Initiates file downloadRecord Biomap Project: Introduction & Outlook (presented by DBFZ)

Initiates file downloadPre-treatment: Pressure Swing Conditioning (presented by Ventury)

Initiates file downloadPre-treatment: Ultrasound disintegrator (presented by UMW)

Initiates file downloadPre-treatment: Kombi-Hydrolysis with Wave-Box (presented by PRV)

Initiates file downloadDigestion: High Performance Digester (presented by PRV)

Initiates file downloadDigestion: High organic loading plug-flow digestion system – HPF-system (presented by Ventury)

Initiates file downloadBiogas upgrading: Insitu-Methane enrichment and wood ash filter (presented by RISE)

Poster for download:

Initiates file downloadAutomated process control of biogas plants (German) by Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 691911.